Statistics of Online Relevance

Trending in pop culture is one thing, and being “viral” is another. But those aren’t necessarily secrets to success in the professional sphere. For a manufacturer, the goal of your marketing team should be online relevance.

Online relevance refers to your industry-specific significance on the Internet, and it will depend upon the extent to which the content and focus of your website directly applies to the interests of your customers.

The way this is generally determined is based upon how effectively your site can service the three acts of a digital buyer. Those acts are:

Discovery, Impression, and Access

Act 1: Discovery

Organic website visits won’t happen if you aren’t properly situated on the Internet. You must be optimized and visible in the search results that you anticipate your buyers are researching and shopping for. Google is the main company that determines search result rankings. It does so using an algorithm that grows increasingly intelligent and complex every day.

In the early days, if you spammed a page full of words remotely related to your product, Google would recognize your site as a prime candidate for that industry. However, Google is now tremendously more perceptive. It recognizes both the wayward habits of searchers and the mischievous tactics of those trying to rank higher.

Not only will Google refuse to recognize such simple attempts at relevance on the Internet; it will also punish a poorly crafted site trying to “game the system”. A good rule of thumb for anyone trying to outsmart Google’s algorithm is: Don’t!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) credit is awarded to businesses taking the long way around because it’s the type of responsible and focused online behavior that correlates with similar behavior in-house.

Keywords and matching domains still play a role in landing your business at the top of the Google results, but depending on those tactics alone will quickly sink your digital ship.

A holistic approach to maximizing long-term discovery online will focus every publishing, coding, and organization effort into a cohesive, outward-facing digital property. That product must become a living and breathing entity. It should distill its language into what its audience is searching for today. It must also constantly predict what they’ll be searching for tomorrow.

The 2 overarching factors of enabling your site’s exposure to curious buyers on Google are:

  1. Quality content in both design and relevance.
  2. Links pointing to your site – ensuring Google that others have found your site useful.

Both require a tremendous amount of time, vision and revision, but undoubtedly will earn your business invaluable access to the first act of your customer’s journey: Discovery.