Making Digital Relevance a Routine

Last week, Google announced they’ll be making a significant change in the way they evaluate and rank web pages. Basically, the current system indexes each page as it appears on a desktop computer. However, many websites have entirely different web pages dedicated to the mobile user experience, which means they present information much differently than on a desktop. Google is now going to index mobile and desktop searches separately. This means mobile-optimized pages begin to rank better on mobile searches and vice-versa for desktop.

If you hadn’t heard about this change quite yet, don’t panic. It would be a full time job to stay updated on all of the algorithm changes, let alone update your web presence for each little tweak. Your best bet is to partner with a marketing team that dedicates a portion of each day to learning about industry changes and adjusting its process accordingly.

At Araymus, we believe the best way to stay relevant in a fiercely competitive digital market is to embrace digital best practices at every turn, and with as much regularity as possible. In other words, we believe in making relevance a routine.

In practice, that means keeping ourselves up to date on the way information is interpreted and ranked so that we can use that knowledge to inform the way we design, analyze, and update our clients’ sites. When it comes to digital marketing, small and constant changes are far more effective than large and inconsistent revamps. In order to stand out in the crowd, a website must be a living and changing representation of your company.

Rebuilding a broken or outdated site is a relatively simple task for the pros at Araymus. But the real value lies in our commitment to making sure our clients’ websites stay that way. A good web presence is just as much a service as it is a product.

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