Embracing (and Leveraging) Your Niche

For many Internet users, a typical online session plays out as a sort of routine. They check social media pages, visit some of their favorite sites, and occasionally browse for new information when the need arises.

While the routine is similar for many, the specifics of what content they’re browsing couldn’t be more different. New subcultures emerge every day, and for every newly formed niche there’s a newly formed website.

The same principle can be applied to business. Just like in their personal browsing habits, the people in your industry have a routine when they browse the Internet for work-related purposes. Your industry is a subculture itself, and it can undoubtedly be divided into countless additional niches from there. Somewhere in there, in that massive web of specialization, lies your business. To get the most leverage and value out of your Internet presence, you need to own your niche.

What does it mean to “own your niche?”

The first step is identifying the level at which you become the authority on an issue. Let’s use the newspaper as an example. If your local community newspaper tried to cover world news, US current events, and nationwide sports, you’d likely go somewhere else for your news. Why get it from a staff of 10-20 people when you could just pick up a copy of the New York Times? But your local newspaper is smarter than that. They have a story on the new ice cream shop downtown and a feature on next week’s homecoming football game versus the cross-town rivals. Long story short, they’re aware of their reach.

Companies who have identified their role in the marketplace are in great positions to begin creating content specifically for the type of people who are searching for it. It’s an issue of quality over quantity; the more people you try to please with your content, the lower its quality will be to each individual.

So don’t be afraid to get a little technical and qualify your reader right off the bat by creating content that:

  1. Requires a base amount of industry knowledge
  2. Doesn’t bore them with basics that they already know
  3. Makes them feel at home in their niche

When you’ve managed to create a home for your niche readers, you’ll become a part of their everyday routine. Although numbers could be small, the loyalty and frequency of engagement will be what pay off in the long run.

Wondering how you can do a better job of targeting these niche visitors? Stay tuned for a followup blog and we’ll cover just that.

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