Your Digital Toolbox – To build or to buy?

An effective website can occur in a seemingly infinite number of ways. There are all sorts of software programs that offer every combination of digital service, whether it’s an all-in-one marketing package or a hyper-specialized CRM program.

With that in mind, the path to marketing success is anything but clear cut. While utilizing the right programs is an important step in the right direction, success will ultimately come down to the user’s commitment to leveraging their resources to the fullest extent. At Araymus, we’ve adopted an approach that utilizes a number of specialized programs that (we believe) do their jobs better their competitors. We’ve invested a lot of time and manpower into the process of integrating these programs into our daily routine. Click here to check out some of our favorites.

However, we haven’t always done it this way. In the past, we’ve utilized programs that do site building, CRM, SEO, and sales all in the same place. While we found efficiency with that “everything under one roof” model, we found that the old adage held true:

Jack of all trades, master of none.

As an agency that specializes in site building and content strategies, we noticed ourselves wanting more out of certain aspects of those all-in-one programs while leaving other capabilities completely unused. For example, we require a lot out of the content creation and design aspects of our workflow, but we don’t necessarily need to maintain a massive outbound sales effort to reach our target audience.

By carefully selecting the programs we use to complete our day-to-day tasks, we’re in control of which aspects of our daily routine are more powerful (often paid services that offer customer support) and which are only as powerful as we need them to be (often free but effective services like Google Drive). The result is a more appropriately assembled digital toolbox that boosts productivity and cuts down on overhead.

It’s important to understand that this approach has worked for Araymus, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

The takeaway here is that finding the right digital toolkit boils down to a few different factors:

  1. How much time are you willing to invest in training employees on new systems?
  2. What portion of your monthly budget can go towards digital programs?
  3. How much do you currently rely on digital productivity tools?

For some, an all-in-one marketing solution works. It’s convenient, it’s user-friendly, and there’s a good chance it offers some sort of customer support. It may not be as cheap as a suite of unconnected programs, but it’ll cover all your bases. For others, investing the time into creating a customized digital toolbox offers a better long term payoff and more power where it counts. The important part is deciding which approach works best for your company and for the employees who make it what it is.