Marketing Through Social Media, Part 1

With over 2.35 billion social media users worldwide, it is safe to say that marketing on social media is a wise business strategy. The average person spends 1 hour and 56 minutes on social media per day. That number can include time on Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and any other social site. Knowing that all eyes are on social media, many businesses have given their brand a social media presence by creating company pages and marketing on those pages. Marketing through social media is very valuable, but only if you know your audience, can develop campaigns specific to your audience, and diversify your social media sites.

Evaluate Your Audience

To begin marketing on social media, a business must know who their marketing efforts are directed toward. Evaluating an audience has become quite simple with tools like Google Analytics that allow businesses to evaluate what type of user has visited their website. Through Google Analytics you can see a number of variables about your website visitors like their age, gender, country, language, and interests, which is transferable to your social media accounts. With the knowledge of who you are marketing to and what they are interested in, your marketing strategies can be narrowed to target certain groups on social media.

Develop Audience-Specific Campaigns

Google Analytics indicates your followers’ interests; now you can take that information and develop a social media campaign that aligns with those interests. For example, if your followers are movie fans, you can create a campaign revolving around movie quotes. Followers can fill in the blank of famous quotes and win prizes in the end while encouraging others to like and share your page. This type of campaign encourages follower engagement and creates a sense of excitement for your company’s page. It would also be wise to look at what similar businesses are doing to market on social media. Social platforms are the place to get creative and have fun with marketing. Take what you know about your audience and their likes and morph that into an engaging social media campaign.

Diversify Social Media Sites

Once you decide on a campaign idea, it is important to decide which social media sites will use the campaign. Not all campaigns are right for all social media sites, meaning that different sites require different campaigns. Many social media users will follow you on several sites, giving you the opportunity to share information in various forms. Take advantage of this opportunity by creating specific content for each site. At a minimum, try posting slightly different content on all social media sites to keep multi-users engaged. It is fine to distribute the same message and idea across all sites, but wise social media marketers adapt to each social media site to best suite their audience.

In the end, marketing on social media is something that comes with time. You must remember to evaluate your audience and market specifically to them. As changes happen, you must adapt to those changes and take your marketing strategies with you. The best advice we can give you is to simply begin trying to market on social media now. If what you try doesn’t work, pick up and start again. It may take a few tries to get into the swing of social media marketing. But, once you do it’s just like riding a bike — you won’t forget how in the future.