Building a Network for Success

Networking is important regardless of your business size. When you form a diverse network of professionals you are able to build connections and strengthen your business. There are numerous benefits to networking, although some of the most important benefits are building confidence, learning from others, gaining support, and building reputation.

Build Confidence

Networking requires reaching out to and forming connections with new people. As a leader, this is a great skill to master as you will want to be friendly and approachable in order to expand your business. When you embody the confidence it takes to introduce yourself, spark a conversation, ask for contact information, and maintain a connection, you are practicing and demonstrating your ability to be confident and take matters into your own hands.

Learn from Others

When you build your network you are able to share stories and learn from others. Whether you sit down for coffee, follow a LinkedIn account, or email back and forth from time-to-time, you are sure to share personal anecdotes from the workplace. These stories become a way of learning from others and further building your connections. As you network you will exchange stories with others and offer a relationship of mutual learning and growing.

Gain Support

You gain support in two ways when you network. First, you have leaders who support you and your business and believe in you and what you do. This is important because you need to have advocates inside and outside of your business. Second, you have people to lean on when you need help. You can ask questions and seek advice from your network. By building a network, you are never alone with your business questions and goals.

Build Reputation Through Association

Networking with established professionals draws attention to you and your business. It is thought that you tend to be influenced by the people you spend time around. This is why you should aim to network with people who have a positive influence on others. People tend to associate you with the people you hang around and are friends with. Thus, your reputation can sometimes be dependent on with whom others associate you and your business.

Building your professional network is never a bad idea. Having a diverse group of professionals to lean on, share ideas with, and grow with is important in all business structures. It is never too late to begin networking or adding to your network. In the end, simply make connections where you can, when you can, and with whoever positively influences you and your business.