The Benefits of Google Analytics

If your business has a website, you should be analyzing your traffic data. If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Google Analytics account (it’s free!). With Google Analytics, you can evaluate your site traffic and plan accordingly for the future. This blog will highlight a few of the many benefits to analyzing your website traffic with proper data.

Discover Popular Traffic Times  

Google Analytics can tell you the most popular hour, day, week, and month for your website. This knowledge is relevant for several reasons. Based on your business, time data can allow you to post content, host chat events, promote products, run advertisements, feature specific images/videos, and more during popular times. When you know the most popular traffic times on your website, you can plan your business agenda around those times.

Determine How People Reach Your Site

Knowing how people reach your website is important as it demonstrates what platforms are working well for your business. You can see if people are visiting your site from campaigns (email, paid ads), organic search results (searching for YOU or your products/services on Google), or referrals (other sites linking to yours). These are important areas to note because you may want to figure out how to increase traffic in one area or fix problems causing people to not find your website from another area.

Find Number of New vs. Return Visitors

New vs. return visitors is useful information to have. Based on your business, you will either want consistent return visits (if your product/service is something that needs to be bought continuously) or many new visitors (if your product/service needs to be bought once/rarely). Once you have this information on-hand, you can determine if you are getting the visitors you want. Then, you can make the necessary changes to ensure you gain the desired amount of new/return visitors.

Evaluate Time on Site

You are able to determine time on site, or how long a visitor stayed on your website. This information shows the amount of time a visitor spent on specific pages and helps determine the relevancy of page descriptions and keywords. If visitors leave quickly, they likely did not find what they were looking for which signals a need to edit your page information.

This list of data analysis benefits is only the beginning. You can find more benefits and data to analyze on your own analytics report. Google offers free online courses to teach you about using analytics; get started today and understand the data that impacts your decisions.