Get to Know Us: Wynnie Gard

Wynnie is the designated office model for Araymus. She works part-time, making appearances for special occasions and to lift spirits. Wynnie has been working with Araymus since its birth and plans to retire with the company.


Outside of work, you can find Wynnie doing many different activities. Wynnie loves to run and go for walks with her owner, John. When Wynnie isn’t being active, she enjoys taking naps, playing fetch, being petted, lying in the middle of the floor, and eating carrots.


Speaking of carrots, they’re Wynnie’s favorite food. She recommends that everyone check out the local farmer’s market that happens in downtown Green Bay to get the best carrots around. Wynnie said she is very excited that it is May because the outdoor farmer’s market starts up again on May 27. How exciting!


Wynnie isn’t much of a TV watcher, but she does love the movie Lady and the Tramp. She said that the scene where Lady and Tramp are eating spaghetti and kiss in the middle gives her goosebumps every time. What a romantic!


Wynnie suggests that you spend as much time as you can outside. When you have the opportunity to explore, do it! You never know what you will find outside, or who you will meet. If you are looking to live an adventurous life, go outside and have some fun. Wynnie says she is always available if you need an outdoor buddy!

If you ever want to meet Wynnie, feel free to stop by our office and chat with her. Otherwise, you can find Wynnie giving valuable advice every Wednesday on the Araymus Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages!

Wynnie Gard