Get to Know Us: Baylei Schmit

Baylei is the Digital Content Manager for Araymus. In this position, she writes blogs and other online content, manages social media sites, and generates digital materials for Araymus. Baylei began working with Araymus in December of 2016. Her favorite part of working at Araymus is learning new digital skills and getting to dabble in Photoshop.


Outside of work, you can find Baylei doing a variety of activities. She enjoys being outside and taking part in outdoor activities including hiking, playing tennis, swimming, walking, and jogging. She also likes arts and crafts and finds joy in stocking up on craft supplies at Michaels. Baylei revels in cooking as well. She prefers a home-cooked meal to eating out and enjoys experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen.


Speaking of home-cooked meals, Baylei’s favorite food is homemade Chinese dumplings. She has a dumpling cookbook with numerous dumpling recipes. Although dumplings take a long time to make, Baylei thinks the effort is worth it in the end. If you are looking for a good place to get Chinese food, including dumplings, she would recommend Mandarin Garden in Green Bay.


Baylei doesn’t watch TV too often, but she does enjoy a few nighttime favorites. The Bachelor(ette) is her guilty-pleasure; Baylei has watched every season of The Bachelor(ette) since the beginning in 2002. Outside of entertaining reality love shows, Baylei can’t get enough of This Is Us. She is excited for the next season and is dedicating her Tuesday nights to the show.


Always try to be positive. Baylei believes positivity is one of those things that radiates and spreads. It is nice to know there is someone who can brighten your day and maintain high spirits even when nothing particularly exciting is happening. Positivity is a valuable quality to share because it benefits everyone. 

Baylei enjoys working at Araymus and is always welcoming new social media followers. Be sure to follow Araymus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to keep up with our daily activities!

Get to Know Us: Baylei Schmit