Get to Know Us: Rob Turner

Rob is the Creative Director for Araymus. In this position, he takes on a wide range of tasks such as building websites from scratch, developing digital assets, and producing creative materials for clients. His favorite part of working at Araymus is learning and implementing new strategies to troubleshoot and solve problems. Rob has been working with Araymus since March of 2016.


In his free time, Rob enjoys traveling. From the Netherlands to Colorado, Rob is up for any trip and takes every travel opportunity he can. He is also an avid outdoor sports enthusiast. Rob enjoys biking, fishing, and hiking when the weather is nice. When indoors, Rob likes to game and play/make music.


Rob loves to try new, interesting foods. His favorite dish is a “Cuban” breakfast, which consists of black beans, eggs, corn tortillas, pico, rice, and plantains. Rob also enjoys a quality slice of pizza. No pizza can compare to authentic New York pizza! When it comes to a simple yet delicious lunch, Rob recommends checking out Liberty Cafe in downtown Green Bay.


Podcasts are one of Rob’s favorite forms of entertainment. When you come to the Araymus office, you will often find Rob in his office, listening to a podcast. Most often, Rob is listening to Comedy Bang! Bang!, Hollywood Handbook, Never Not Funny, the Doughboys, or Who Charted?. Rob is also a serious Star Wars fan, which is apparent from his office decor.


Learn enough to make up your own mind without ever assuming you are right. Knowledge is power and learning everything you can to be as knowledgeable as you can is an advantage in life. When you are able to back yourself up with facts and knowledge, you always have a strong argument.

Rob is always willing to help you improve your digital appearance. Even if you are not interested in a website, feel free to contact Rob to chat about Araymus and the digital development industry!

Get to Know Us: Rob Turner