Digital Development Jargon Explained

Today’s internet society can sometimes use complicated jargon. If you aren’t in the industry yourself, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the terms thrown around. We know that digital development jargon isn’t always the easiest to understand, which is why we created this handy list of common jargon translated into everyday language.


This refers to the side of a website that you can’t see. It is the place where information is added to make a website look the way it does.

Below the Fold

When you first enter a website you see the “above the fold” information. Once you have to scroll down to see more, you are going “below the fold”.

Bounce Rate

A bounce is when a visitor goes to a website and leaves before navigating to other pages; how often this happens is the bounce rate.


Programs like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are examples of browsers. This is where people go to search and navigate around the world wide web.

Domain Name

Domain names are what you call your property. Typically, companies buy domain names (like or and those names direct users to their domain property (website).

Font Family

Fonts with similar attributes make up font families. These attributes can include size, style, design, and more.

Front End

This refers to what you see when you enter a website. This is how a website looks and it is able to look this way because of work done in the backend (referred to above).


When a website contains a link that directs you to another page, pdf, or website, it contains a hyperlink. Blue highlighted text is what typically signifies a hyperlink. 

Landing Page

Quite simply, this is a page where visitors “land”. This can be any page where website searchers click on a hyperlink in their browser that leads them to a new page.


This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to ranking well in search results. You can rank well by producing quality content, using metadata, and being mobile optimized.

We’ve covered quite a bit of jargon here and this is only a start. Hopefully you learned something new and now have clarity on some of the jargon used in the digital development industry. Check out this blog to find more digital development jargon explained.