Mastering SEO in 2017: Relevant Content

Relevant content is one of the most important factors affecting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. Creating relevant content ensures one piece of your SEO will be taken care of. All written material on a website including blogs, product descriptions, and the text on webpages areĀ forms of content. It is important to understand why relevant content is useful, which is what this blog aims to highlight.

Content Value

The first thing to think of when creating content is value. Be sure to create content that provides useful information to potential website visitors. This means putting the visitor first and thinking of them. What would they search? What would they want to know? How long of an article are they willing to read? These factors play a role in how well content ranks on a website. Designing valuable content requires knowing a target audience and developing materials specifically for them.


When it comes to quality content, keywords are important. Recognizing what potential visitors may search to find your website and then optimizing those search words to be included on your website is crucial. You may use advanced technical terms in your line of work–but will your target audience know these terms? Utilizing keywords that you and your target audience understand is important for helping people find your website.

Fresh Content

Finally, it is essential to create new content on a regular basis. You will need to keep your website current and refreshed to benefit you and your visitors. It is not enough to simply change a word or two and refresh the page–you must consistently develop new content, likeĀ blog posts. This does not have to be a daily or even weekly task; but, do make sure to change often enough to stay current and maintain relevance.

Generating valuable, relevant content is one of the best ways to improve SEO rankings. Providing valuable, keyword-focused, fresh content ensures that a website is regularly updated, which is a good practice regardless of SEO rankings. Producing relevant content is crucial, as is metadata and mobile optimization, which will be covered in the coming Mastering Modern SEO blog posts.