What to Post on Social Media

There are various social media platforms in use in 2017. Not all sites function in the same way, meaning there are different content needs for each site. With this in mind, we created this blog to lay out the best content for each social media site.


The posts that get the most responses are photos. Photos are an easy way to capture your followers’ attention and get them to click on/like your posts. Another way to do this is by posting a video. Most often, the shorter the better because Facebook users are skimming their newsfeed for quick, easily digested information and updates. You can also post links and text-based statuses, although the most popular, attention-getting posts are usually those that contain a visual element.


Twitter is the land of the 140-character tweet. Photos, gifs, and short videos have become quite popular on Twitter, although unlike Facebook, it can still be eye-catching and acceptable to post simple text-based tweets. With the use of a trendy hashtag and a witty tweet, pure text-based posts can still do well. But, if you accompany that witty tweet with a photo to match your 140-or-less-characters, you may earn even more attention and interaction.


LinkedIn is a very popular platform for article sharing. Since LinkedIn is used mainly for business professionals who are looking to share and find relevant industry information, articles and links relating to articles are highly popular. Photos can do well because the LinkedIn community still appreciates visual appeal, although the most value is found in articles and text-based posts. Many text-based posts provide insight into real-world experiences or ask questions for network members to answer. LinkedIn is one of the few platforms for successful text-based posts.


There really aren’t many options with Instagram. Users who join Instagram get two options–photos or videos. You can always write text to go along with those photos or videos, but text alone never works. On Instagram, the most popular photos and videos are those of very high quality. This means the content has good lighting, a good angle, is aesthetically appealing, and is entertaining.

As a general rule-of-thumb, photos and high-quality visuals typically perform well on social media. If you have a great piece of text to share, adding a photo to it will only increase the content’s value and likability in your followers’/friends’ minds. Each social platform has its own way of handling posts and you can choose how you want to act on each site.