How to Develop a Social Media Content Plan

If you’re running the social media side of your business, you should have a content plan. With a content plan, your posts are always planned ahead of time and there is no confusion about what is happening on a daily basis. For those of you who are new to creating content plans, we created this 3-step blog to help you prepare for the future. When you begin planning ahead for social media you have to make sure to keep the following 3 factors in mind.


Always think of your audience. You should know who they are, what they like, and how to keep them entertained or interested. The whole point of posting on social media as a business is to gain and maintain followers, which is why your audience is the number one factor when developing a social media content plan. At the center of every plan should be the question, “how will my audience feel about this?” If you can’t answer that question or if the answer is not one in favor of your business, you should reconsider your plan.

Social Tools

The next factor to consider is a social media management tool. If you are posting on various sites every day, you will want some type of app or calendar to help you keep your work in order. There are a variety of tools available to social media managers that can help keep content neat and tidy. If you are only posting on Facebook you may not need an outside system’s help because Facebook allows you to schedule content days, weeks, and months in advance. But, if you use more than just Facebook, it is wise to invest (or find a free version) of a management tool to organize all of your future content in one place.

Consistent Content

It is important to be on a consistent schedule. This means you post on a consistent basis and your content is consistent. We suggest creating daily, weekly, or monthly themes to keep content consistent. This also helps to keep your audience interested because they will know when to expect certain posts. We also recommend planning content at least a week ahead of time, but if you can manage planning a month ahead of time, that is even better. This allows you enough time to create relevant, interesting content, but also enough time to make edits if you want to.

Creating a social media content plan may seem off-putting in the beginning, but with practice it starts to come naturally. As it becomes easier to create content plans you’ll also notice that it becomes easier to generate content and stay organized. As long as you remember to think of your audience, use social media management tools (if needed), and to develop consistent content, you will be on the path to a future of well-developed social media content plans.