Timing the Perfect Post

Imagine this: you have a perfectly-written social media post with a beautiful photo to accompany the text. You’re excited to post this update to your followers but when you do, you don’t gain the attention you wanted. What went wrong? It may be the timing of your post was off. The time at which you post on social media affects how well your post performs. This means that it is important to understand the best times to post and what may affect those times.

Time Zones

To begin, most of the U.S. population lives in the Central and Eastern time zones, 80% to be precise. This means that for national campaigns it may be wise to consider posting under the Central or Eastern time zones. If you are posting for a local campaign, it would make the most sense to use your own time zone. If you are considering an international campaign, specific research will need to be done on what times work best for the region and audience you are hoping to target.

Special Events

Always be aware of the outside factors going on around you. Your business may have a great campaign, promotion, or advertisement to run on social media, but timing is everything. Make sure to follow current events and pay attention to the media to make sure your campaign and posts don’t get overshadowed by bigger news/events. Many external factors can affect your social media posts, but you can control knowing about events around you. If you are going into a widely-known long weekend, there is a crisis, or a holiday is occurring, it may not be the best time to post. On a common day, your campaign can shine all on its own.

Platform Timing

Each social media site has a sweet spot for posting. There are certain times for each platform that produce better results at different times. The aspects that go into this factor are when people are online. Different social media sites are popular at different times which means posting on different sites must be strategic. Below you can find a graphic of popular posting times on different social media sites.

Social Media Chart

There can be many factors affecting the popularity of a post. When developing social media materials, if you have created quality content then you should also make sure to post at the appropriate time. When time and effort go into creating a social media campaign it is crucial to make sure you do everything you can to see the campaign succeed. The easiest way to post effectively is to monitor your audience to determine time zone preferences, check for special events, and ensure your platform timing is spot-on.