Digital Stewardship with Araymus

An Agreement That Puts You First

It’s Time to Make Your Website a Priority

If you are looking for an experienced team to manage your company’s website in a modern and professional manner, look no further!

We will help you manage your website and make the changes you need – whenever you need them. When you agree to work with us, we settle on a monthly agreement to help keep your costs consistent. When you need updates and changes to your website, we are ready to help.

What Can You Expect?

Prepare to work with a team who is eager to help you and your business thrive. If you already have a website (click here if you need one!), you can hire us to work as your digital stewards. This saves you from hiring someone internally, saving you time and money. As your digital stewards, we will:

Update your website when you need it
  • When you come to us with new content, we will add it to your site immediately
  • If you need photo or text changes, we can tackle the changes after we have the needed documents or images
  • We can publish weekly/monthly newsletters or blogs and help you manage a constantly changing site
Fix your website issues
  • If you experience problems with your website, we are on-call to fix your issues
  • When something doesn’t look right or function the way you intended, we make changes to correct the problem
Serve as your digital mentors
  • If you need advice on what would be best for your website, we are ready to consult you on the industry standards
  • When you are ready for a change but don’t know where to start, we will walk you through your options and what you can do to make the most of your website
Offer Google Analytic data
  • Analytics are a great way to learn about your website visitors and customers; we compile this data and offer it to you when you need it
  • We consult you on the best ways to read and understand your data which will help you determine the next steps for your website
Make the Best Choice for Your Business

Adding the Araymus team to your arsenal is a rewarding choice. Without a digital steward you have two options: (1) your business can hire (or assign) an employee to manage your website or (2) you can pay an hourly fee for any changes you need.

The benefit of using Araymus as a digital steward is that it is more cost-friendly than hiring someone new, training an existing employee, or paying an hourly fee. We suggest pursuing Araymus as your digital stewards not only because it is cost-effective, but because we add value in technical skill, without replacing or restructuring the way your company does business. The net effect will be an empowered team in your office with everyone having a greater capability to communicate online due to our assistance.